How to Change Dividend Reinvestment in Charles Schwab

If you forgot to check the Reinvest Dividends option while purchasing a stock or ETF on schwab, you can do so after the fact via the following:

First click through Accounts>Positions>Market Value:


Then scroll down to the stock for which you want to reinvest dividends, and look for the Reinvest? links on the right side of the table:


Click on the No link and then change it.


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Name: Name

Creation Date: 2020-08-04

Thanks, man

Name: Lorraine Kelly

Creation Date: 2020-10-07

The new website does not have the option to change reinvest to non re-invest. How is this done on the website now--cannot locate..????

Name: T-bird

Creation Date: 2020-12-09

Accounts/positions/option on the right of each stock.

Name: Vinay M Dulip

Creation Date: 2021-01-30


Name: M

Creation Date: 2021-02-09

Thank you...can't believe that's where they put it.

Name: Mathew M Snyder

Creation Date: 2021-03-01

I want to Stop my DRIP regarding my Exxon stock but I’m unable to find the procedure on the Charles Schwab website—

Name: d

Creation Date: 2021-03-06


Name: Thank You

Creation Date: 2021-03-23

Searched all over the Schwab site for this, couldn't find. Simple, once you know where to go. Many thanks.

Name: G

Creation Date: 2021-04-08

Thank you! Their interface is so unintuitive.

Name: wordbuilder

Creation Date: 2021-05-27

I tried to find this information at Schwab and couldn't (too many irrelevant results) so I came here and had it fixed in a minute. Much appreciated.