How to Enable SSH on RPi and Connect from Windows and Android

An alternative to using Remote Desktop Connection to access the RPi from Windows is to access the RPi console using SSH. This post details how to do it from both Windows and Android devices.

Set up your RPi to enable SSH and identify its IP address

Boot up your RPi, open up a terminal and enter

sudo raspi-config

To load the same configuration settings you saw when booting for the first time:


Select the 8th option, Advanced Options, then the 4th Option, SSH, and enable the SSH Server.

Find the IP address of your RPi by executing the following (you might need sudo):


Connecting to RPi via SSH from Windows

Open up putty on your Windows computer, enter the IP in the Host Name box and click Open:

Or do it from the command prompt:

And finally enter the username (default "pi") and password (default "raspberry") to gain access:

Connecting to RPi via SSH from Android

Go to Google Play on your device and download ConnectBot for free.

Open ConnectBot and type in the connection in the following format: user@host:port, where user by default is "pi", host is the IP address you obtained from executing ifconfig on your RPi, and the port is by default 22; for example: pi@

It will ask for your password


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