LorAnn 15% Watermellon and 5% Strawberry

I just finished a 5mL batch of 15% watermellon and 5% strawberry of LoreAnn flavorings, pure PG at 25mg nicotine per mL. The taste was not nearly as strong as I assumed it would be


I have vaped 1mL so far, and just mixed a 10% ethyl malto (EM) solution with the remaining 4mL to create a 5% ratio. This was better, but perhaps I added too much EM.

Checking the next morning, I definitely added too much EM. After vaping through another 10mL, I figured some menthol might mellow it out. I added 25 drops of my super saturated menthol solutions (the drops are micro drops due to the shape of the container), but perhaps I added too much menthol. It is however better than before.

Now having destroyed the solution, I will vape the rest of this and then make a 20% watermellon only eliquid and add EM and menthol to taste at a much lower rate. Due to the internet consensus that LorAnn's watermellon is terrific, I have a suspicion the strawberry reduced the intensity of my liquid.


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