Piracetam Capping Process and Statistics

I ordered a kilogram of powdered piracetam along with a Cap-M-Quik capsule capping machine and thousands of 000-size capsules.

I weighed 10 of the capsules while empty. The mean was 0.161g with a standard deviation of 0.0034g, the max was 0.168g, and the minimum was 0.157g.

The cap-m-quik machine can fill 50 capsules. I crushed some, but not all, of the piracetam powder, as some of it came in rocks. This would be important to do on the next run. In total I weighed about 50.1g of piracetam powder and placed it on the capsule machine.


After I finished, I wrote down the weight of the filled capsulse. The following calculations subtract the mean of an empty capsule (0.161g) out.

mean: 0.9918g

variance: 0.00033

standard deviation: 0.01830g

max: 1.050

minimum: 0.955g

range: 0.0950g

summation: 49.59g

It is satisfying to know that without fully crushing all of the piracetam rocks, the full capsules have a sigma of only 20mg and a range of 100mg, given that I will be taking 5g doses. All statistics were compiled with R.

I collected the powder that fell out of the machine after I was done capping, and weight 0.170g.

Round 2

It took me 3:30 to set up the bottom portion of the capsules and 4:06 to put the heads on. It took me 8:59 to weigh and record each full capsule. This time I patiently crushed all the rocks into smaller rocks and then into fine powder. Ironically, this gives worse results:

Mean: 0.9872g

Variance: 0.0030

Standard Deviation: 0.05505

Maximum: 1.127g

Minimum: 0.847

Range: 0.280g

Summation: 49.36

After carefully crushing the powder very fine, the sigma is .055 compare to .018 on round one. The range is especially bad: almost three-tenths of a gram compared to almost one-tenth of a gram. However, the following histogram shows that it is pretty good:

Round 3

This time I only crushed the big rocks into smaller rocks that could fit into the caps and did not bother crushing to powder. It took me 3:48 to set the bottom caps up and 4:06 to put the head caps on. While the standard deviation was less than round 2, the range increased and my minimum fell to 7 and a half tenths.

mean: 0.9918g

variance: 0.00224g

standard deviation: 0.04728g

maximum: 1.060g

minimum: 0.7560g

range: 0.3040g

summation: 49.59g

Round 4

Crushed the big rocks and somewhat repeated the style of round 2

mean: 0.99238g

variance: 0.00170g

standard deviation: 0.04128g

maximum: 1.054g

minimum: 0.890g

range: 0.1640g

summation: 49.619g

Round 5

This time I actually just dumped the powder onto the capsule machine after I weighed it regardless of rock size. After I pushed the powder around, I took the remaining rocks that were too large and crushed them, then pushing that powder in again.

Mean: 0.99102g

variance: 0.00458g

standard deviation: 0.06766g

maximum: 1.1290g

minimum: 0.7510g

range: 0.3780g

summation: 49.5510g

Statistics for the aggregation of all 5 samples:

mean: 0.99084g

variance: 0.00234g

standard deviation: 0.04839g

maximum: 1.1290g

minimum: 0.7510g

range: 0.378g

summation: 247.7100g

Here is a histogram of the 5 rounds aggregated:


Here are some statistics on the statistics:

Mean of means: 0.99084g

standard deviation of means: 0.00209

max of means: 0.99238g

min of means: 0.98720g

range of means: 0.00518

mean of variances: 0.00238g

standard deviation of variances: 0.00157g

max of variances: 0.00459g

min of variances: 0.00034g

range of variances: 0.00424

mean of standard deviations: 0.04592g

standard deviation of standard deviations: 0.01832g

max of standard deviations: 0.06766g

min of standard deviations: 0.01832g

range of standard deviatiosn: 0.04936g

mean of maximums: 1.0840g

standard deviation of maximums: 0.04033g

maximum of maximums: 1.1290g

minimum of maximums: 1.050g

range of maximums: 0.0790g

mean of minimums: 0.8398g

standard deviation of minimums: 0.08768g

maximum of minimums: 0.9550g

minimum of minimums: 0.7510g

range of minimums: 0.2040g

mean of ranges: 0.2442g

standard deviation of ranges: 0.3780g

maximum of ranges: 0.3780g

minimum of ranges: 0.0950g

range of ragnes: 0.2830g


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