Piracetam Day 1

Today I begin my experiment with Piracetam. I purchased it from the second cheapest vendor I could find, risking receiving fake piracetam. I will take it without choline, which has a tendency to cause headaches, for one to two weeks. Some people say piracetam without choline should always give headaches; if this is true, than this will tell me if my batch is fake or not. Some people say not everyone gets headaches from piracetam without choline and won't need choline unless they get headaches. Some people say piracetam and choline, regardless of whether a person gets headaches without choline, are better than piracetam alone. I will use piracetam for a total of one month before deciding whether to switch vendors, to supplement with a different nootropic, or to replace with a different nootropic.

1:00pm - had shrimp with corn and ate until full.

4:30 - ate two tangerines.

5:50 - Took ~ 5g piracetam

6:20 - Stomache is slightly irritated, nothing to complain about.

7:15 - Something may be happening but it is probably placebo. Body temperature feels slightly warmer.

12:15am drank a beer and started to program.

1:16am I want to say something has occurred tonight but I can't identify it. It was probably placebo.

1:45am drank a beer

2:00am went to bed.

I usually go to sleep at 11-12am, but I wanted to cap pircetam and spent all a while doing so, performing some nifty statistical analysis using R which can be viewed here. My conclusions from that is that almost a gram of piracetam can fill a 000 sized capsule when using the Cap-M-Quik, that pouring 50g onto the 50-pill Cap-M-Quik, regardless of how finely ground the piracetam is, will cause a even distribution of 50g into 50 capsules, and in fact that less finely ground piracetam paradoxically distributes better than fully ground piracteam does.


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