Piracetam Day 4

7:30am took ~5g piracetam and went back to bed, waking up at 10am (got to bed at 2am last night)

10:15am took one heaping tablespoon and one flat tablespoon of coffee in 6~ cups of water. I noted that it was easier to wake up today than it has been the first three days on the piracetam. Normally I get out of bed immediately but for the past three days it has been difficult. Today was easier.

12:30pm took ~5g piracetam without food.

5:30pm took ~5g piracetam

I was up to 2:00am taping posters at my college to advocate against a ban on smoking and felt less embarassed about it than I probably would have otherwise, as well as having enough energy to do it. Too bad my ink in my printer ran out. I had enough energy to do more.


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