Piracetam Day 5 to Day 14

I've decided rather than continue to post once per day, to make this a continunig post for the next 12 days until I begin concomitant use of a choline supplementation.

Woke up at 8:20am with 6 and a third hours of sleep, and took ~5g piracetam with ~2.5 flat tablespoons of coffee in 2 cups of water. I was surprised that I wasn't that tired and got out of bad so rapidly given the 6 hours of sleep. The coffee was a bit too much, however.

1:15pm - ~5g piracetam.

1:30 - Lunch

5:00 snack/dinner

5:30 ~5g piracetam

So, after 5 days of using piracetam alone without choline, I neither notice anything different worth commenting on, nor do I feel any headaches (which is supposed to happen if one doesn't take a source of choline simultaneously). Is this due to a bad source, or simply the fallacy of taking a pill to enhance cognition?

Day 6

Difficult to wake up. took ~5g at 8:30am

~5g at 1:10pm

~5g at 7:15pm

Day 7

Difficult to wake up. Took ~5g at 8:15am

~5g at 1:15pm

~5g at 6:20pm


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