TPA Mint Candy 15%, Peppermint 7.5%, Spearmint 1.5%, and LorAnn Creme de Menth 1.5%

From The Perfumers Apprentice I mixed 15% mint candy, 7.5% peppermint, and 1.5% spearmint, with 1.5% creme de menth from LorAnns. I added 0.5% EM from TPA and 10 drops of super saturated menthol in vg. This was mixed with PG and a 100mg/mL nicotine solution to make 5mL.

This recipe differs from my standard in that the peppermint was increased from 5% to 7.5% and I added spearmint to it. My initial perceptions are that it is not as good as my standard.

The spearmint is viable at this level, unlike my other post which indicated that 5% spearmint (with no peppermint) was too much spearmint and took away from the mint candy.

I think I'll maintain 5% peppermint while still giving the spearmint a try at 1.5% next time.


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